31 August 2017

Musings of a Christian Elitist; or, The Roots of Calvinism?

"May I be forgiven, Lord God, for marveling at the sheer glut of human beings you've made, in your unsearchable wisdom. So many miserable creatures with nothing to distinguish them, much less redeem them from the great mass of inert, faceless, featureless humanity. Men and women so tiresome, so pointless, so utterly redundant in anything useful they might have to offer, to anyone, that more than once I've been moved to wonder - again, Lord, please forgive me! - why you should have bothered to create them at all. Because, frankly, I find it impossible to see what difference they make in the vast sweep of things, for better or worse. It's as if they had never been.

"Then again, when I consider the sheer overwhelming glut of souls who are destined for nothing but the monotony, as it were, of eternal punishment, I think I begin to get the picture:  Why should you even pretend to equip so many who are lost with anything worth finding - any distinguishing gift or talent, usefulness or loveableness? Or indeed any quality even remotely interesting?

"I mean, it would all be for nothing, right?"

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